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Meet our Staff


Joti Chandra

Treatment Coordinator and Registered Dental Assistant

Hello, my name is Joti, and I am your Treatment Coordinator, as well as a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

Think of me as your Orthodontic Liaison. I am always available to answer any orthodontic questions and discuss any treatment concerns that you or your child may have. My goal is to make sure you fully understand your treatment, the procedures, and the orthodontic terminology.

I’ve been with Dr. Chun since 2003, so I am familiar with most questions that new patients often ask and will explain things to you in terms that you can easily understand.

My favorite part of my job is meeting the new patients/parents and helping them to get started with braces.

When not at work, I like spending time with my husband and 2 kids, cooking and enjoying the great outdoors. I am fluent in Hindi, so if you’d like to ask your questions in Hindi, go right ahead!

I look forward to helping you begin and complete the journey to a beautiful new smile!

Language: English and Hindi


Zussette Rozin

Financial Coordinator

Welcome to our office! I’m Zussette, and I have been on Dr. Chun’s team as Financial Coordinator for more than 14 years, so I can answer all of your financial questions about treatment costs, billing, payment, and… everyone’s favorite… insurance.

I serve as your orthodontic insurance ally. Insurance, claims and benefits can be confusing, so I am here to help simplify and coordinate these things. I’ll gladly help you file your orthodontic insurance claims, and can also assist you in obtaining your flexible spending account (FSA) benefits.

My favorite part of my job is being able to help patients/parents claim insurance and flexible benefits, be it by processing claims, calling insurance & tracking payments or just providing information in order for you to get your benefits.

I am a native of the Philippines and fluent in English, Tagalog and Cebuano/Visayan language. Outside of work, I like being with my husband and 2 children.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with all things financial. If you ever have financial questions after you leave our office, don’t worry.. Just call and ask for “Zussette”.

Language: English, Tagalog & Cebuano/Visayan

Mai Lee

Patient Relations

I am usually the first person to greet you when you arrive. I am eager and always ready to help you with your appointment and scheduling needs. I will strive to do my very best to make your appointments as convenient as possible. You may soon recognize my voice as I am the person calling to confirm your appointments. So that your treatment will progress as smoothly as possible, I will send updates and can help coordinate appointments with your regular dentist.

Our practice prides itself on superior results, and beautiful smiles will always be the focus of our orthodontic team’s efforts.

My favorite part of my job is seeing patients/parents smile when treatment is complete.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and going on food adventures. I’m excited to meet each and every one of you, and look forward to seeing the twinkle shine through the beautiful smile that we all created together.

Language: English


Rachel Davi

Dental Assistant

Welcome everyone! I’m Rachel. As a Dental Assistant, I’m here to help you (the patient) and Dr. Chun.

I’ll be assisting Dr. Chun on many of your regular appointments, answering your questions, and instructing you on your new “accessories”. Among other things, I’ll make sure all instruments are properly sterilized and all needed supplies are ready for Dr. Chun, so that your appointment will go as comfortably and smoothly as possible.

My favorite part of my job is working with an amazing, well trained staff.

I really like Fremont; it is where I grew up and still live. I’m active in our community as a leader of a junior high youth group and a member of the Ohlone College choir. When I’m not at work and not taking college classes, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and helping you get a wonderful new smile!

Language: English