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Common Problems with Braces

You will be able to handle many orthodontic problems temporarily by yourself until you can schedule an appointment with our office.  These problems should not delay your treatment progress.

Loose Band or Bracket: – If a band or bracket is still attached to the wire, leave it in place.  If you are uncomfortable, place some wax on it.  If it comes out completely, place band or bracket in an envelope or plastic bag, and bring it to our office at your next visit.  

Loose Wire: – Try to place the wire back in place with a clean tweezer.  If that is not possible, clip the wire with a sharp clean fingernail clipper behind the last tooth to which the wire is securely fastened.  If there is any discomfort, place wax on area.  

Poking Wire: – Try to push the “poking” wire down with a spoon or a pencil eraser.  If still uncomfortable, place wax on the wire.

Soreness: – This is usually temporary, but can be helped with warm salt water rinses (1 tsp. salt in 8 oz. glass of water – do not swallow), and taking Ibuprofen.  For patients 12 years and older, Naproxen Sodium may be more effective in relieving the discomfort.  Follow the appropriate dosages as directed on the over-the-counter medicine bottle.

Headgear/Facemask not fitting: – Stop wearing it for now.

Appliance not fitting: – If an appliance is poking you, place wax on area, and continue to wear the appliance if possible. If the appliance comes out of your mouth, place it in an envelope or plastic bag, and bring it to our office at your next visit.   

Broken Appliance: – Save all pieces of the appliance in a plastic bag, and bring them to our office on your next appointment.

Cooperation – A Must!