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Covid-19 Office Protocol

Dear Valued Patients: 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these challenging times. We have proactively and diligently added new protocols (per ADA and CDC) to protect our patients, staff, and our overall community. Your health, safety, and peace of mind remain our TOP priority. 

We know people are understandably concerned about COVID-19. Beyond our existing rigorous hygiene and infection control protocols, we have initiated many additional safeguards. Here’s what to expect for your future appointments: 

Our New Look! 

  • Fewer chairs and no more toys/magazines in Reception Area. No magazines in treatment area. 
  • Clear barrier curtains in Reception and Financial areas, in Doctor’s Office, and in Exam Room. 
  • Full supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff (including N95 and Surgical Masks, gloves, face shields, eye goggles, gowns, hair and foot coverings), used as needed.
  • New hospital-grade “HEPA” air filtration unit captures 99.5% of particles down to 0.003 microns.
  • New Dental “Extra-oral” suction/filtration unit to capture aerosols.
  • Treatment areas re-sterilized per ADA/CDC protocols after every patient, as we’ve always done.
  • Common “high touch” areas, such as furniture, door handles, countertops, frequently disinfected. 


  • We are scheduling much fewer, but longer, appointments to facilitate social distancing.
  • As feasible, some informational appointments may be conducted virtually or via telephone.
  • You will be asked COVID-19 screening questions prior to receiving a potential appointment.
  • If you are sick, or suspect you have been exposed to someone who is sick, please do NOT request an appointment for at least 14 more days. 

On Appointment Day:

  • Anyone entering the office must wear a face covering. Our entire staff is also doing this.
  • Patients must brush their teeth PRIOR to arriving. (Our toothbrushing area is closed.)
  • Outside Check-In: Knock on the front door and we’ll come out to ask the same COVID-19 screening questions, check your forehead temperature, and have you or your Parent/Guardian read and sign the CDA COVID-19 and Informed Consent Addendum form.
  • For social distancing, only screened Patients are allowed into the Reception Area and only at their scheduled time. Parents/Guardians/others should wait outside or in their cars. Exceptions made for special needs patients. A staff member will call you once your child’s appointment is done. 

Your Actual Appointment: 

  • Please maintain social distancing of 6 feet in the Reception Area; please do not move the chairs.
  • In the treatment area, we’ll give you new plastic storage bags for your phone and face covering.
  • You will be asked to wash your hands with soap and water and also use a mouth rinse.
  • After your appointment, please put your face covering back on. A Staff Member will contact the parent/guardian to pick up his/her child. Your next Appointment will be scheduled via telephone.
  • Your child may be given an Orthodontic Progress slip to update you on his/her treatment. 

We are all part of the larger community, and are “all in this together”, so we appreciate and thank you again for your understanding and support of our efforts. 

Stay healthy and safe!

Dr. Dianne Chun, Dr. Jelson Yalung and Staff