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FAQ Related to Office Closure due to Coronavirus

Effective Tuesday March 17, Dr. Dianne S. Chun’s Orthodontics office will be CLOSED through April 7, due to the Shelter-In-Place order from the Alameda County Public Health Department (details at

This closure is necessary and required for the collective safety of all Bay Area residents.  Since the closure order was sudden and outside of our office’s control, we know you may have questions and have addressed the most common questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Dr. Chun’s office closed and when will it reopen?

On Monday March 16, 2020, the Alameda County Public Health Department, issued a mandatory Shelter-In-Place order.  This requires non-essential businesses and services to close through April 7th to protect public health.  During this time, the Coronavirus pandemic will be closely monitored by governmental agencies, and they will determine if the Shelter-In-Place orders can be removed or needs to be extended.  The California Dental Association (CDA) also issued guidelines that non-essential dental procedures, including Orthodontics, be suspended.  Thus, Dr. Chun’s office will remain closed through Tuesday, April 7th.  Based on Local, State and Federal government orders, as well as CDA and Public Health recommendations, the office could remain closed beyond April 7th.  Please check our website, for the latest updates. 

2. Will there be any staff at the office during the Shelter-In-Place period?

We are required to close the office completely, so there will be NO office staff present to provide treatment, manage appointments, answer phones or reply to telephone messages.  Please do NOT leave any phone messages as we are unable to return any calls until after April 7th. If you have a non-urgent question, you may email it to and we will attempt to reply within 48 hours.

3. Is my next appointment cancelled?  

If your next appointment falls between 3/17/2020 through 4/7/2020, you should have received a call, voicemail, or email on 3/16/2020 informing you that your orthodontic appointment has been cancelled.  If you did not receive notification, we apologize, but your appointment has been cancelled.

4. Will the closure affect the treatment outcome, duration or cost?  

Dr. Chun monitors a patient’s progress throughout treatment and makes adjustments/corrections along the way to obtain the intended treatment results.  Rest assured, Dr. Chun will do what is necessary to achieve the intended treatment outcome, although this may increase your treatment time.  The cost of your treatment, as detailed in your Orthodontic Contract, will not be affected if treatment time is extended due to this required office closure.

5. What do I do if I, or my child, has an orthodontic problem during the closure?  

As always, if you ever have a SERIOUS LIFE THREATENING medical emergency please call 911 and/or go to the nearest Emergency Room.  Most orthodontic “emergencies” are bothersome but not life-threatening, and can easily be resolved by following the guidelines listed for “Common Problems with Braces” under our website “Patient Information” tab.  As soon as we are allowed to reopen our office, we can address your orthodontic needs.