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Financial Information


The cost of orthodontic treatment is individually determined and is based on the severity of your bite, your age, the type of braces desired, and your treatment limitations and desires.  Before your treatment begins, we will discuss with you the fees and assist you with payment options.  We understand that orthodontic treatment is a worthwhile investment, and we strive to make it affordable.

In an effort to keep orthodontic fees affordable, while still maintaining the highest quality of care, we have established the following financial policy:

  • A courtesy discount will be given if the complete portion of your orthodontic fee is paid at the beginning of orthodontic treatment.
  • Timely monthly payment options, which extend over the length of treatment without interest is also available.
  • For your convenience, we accept Visa and Mastercard, and can assist you with setting up automatic payments.


We will gladly assist you in determining your orthodontic insurance coverage.  Please bring in your insurance card so that we can help you.  It is important for you to understand your orthodontic benefits before you begin treatment.  The total amount of your orthodontic coverage and how it will be paid depend on your particular dental policy, and polices do widely vary.  We are happy to help you submit your orthodontic claims, and will ask that you assign your orthodontic benefits to us.  For your balance, we will discuss a financial arrangement tailored to you.