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“Dr. Dianne Chun really took care of me well. She cared about how my teeth would look and how they affect my bite. She explained the process well so every time I visit the office, I know what to expect. Her staff are also wonderful. They are really friendly and they made sure had the best care.”

Adult, 03/2020

“My experience here was amazing! The staff were really nice!! The office is always extremely welcoming. All in all, my time at this office has been fantastic.”

Patient, 02/2020

“Dr. Chun and her staff are so good. They care about our treatment. She knows each case and did a very good job. I recommend this orthodontist.”

Joey, Teenager Patient, 09/2019

“Dr. Chun and her entire team was awesome! They were all very patient & helpful throughout the whole process. Everyone answered all the questions I had & more. They have a very organized & thorough process. I highly recommend Dr. Chun & team for your braces! It’s a bittersweet ending.”

Brittany Ng, Adult, 07/2019

“I love everyone in the office. Everyone treated me very good. So pleased with their work that I came back to finish my treatment. So happy to finally got my braces off. Thank you guys!”

Patient, 06/2019

“I want to thank Dr. Chun and her amazing team for giving the best care and service throughout my orthodontic experience. Each team member supported me and answered all my questions and concerns. I have never felt so well cared for. They accommodated my busy schedule, ensuring I never miss an appointment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Chun and her team.”

Patient, 06/2019

“We have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Chun and her team since 2016. They did their best to meet our treatment needs and accommodate our schedules. They encouraged us to be involved in making decisions and respected our opinions. Dr. Chun and her team supported us when things seemed impossible and helped to make things work for us. The orthodontics experience can be a frustrating and challenging experience for people, but because of Dr. Chun and her team’s cheerfulness and endless encouragement we were able to complete the journey. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We highly recommend Dr. Chun and her team!”

Parent, 06/2019

“Both our girls had their braces done at Dr. Dianne Chun’s office. They were lengthy process but Dr. Chun ensured the process to go smoothly. The job was meticulously done. The girls definitely have beautiful smiles now. The office staff are all friendly. We definitely recommend Dr. Chun to others.”

Weilin Cai, Parent, 06/2019

“It was a wonderful experience having my daughter’s braces done at Dr. Chun’s office. The service was over and beyond. The atmosphere was calm and friendly. Dr. Chun and her staff were all accommodating.”

Parent of a Teenager Patient, 05/2019

“When I first got my braces, I was already counting down the days/months until I got them off. But thanks to the staff, I realized braces aren’t as bad as they seem. The doctor is super nice and understanding, not to mention very professional. Thank you for your hard work!”

Aleena Mendi, Teenager, 06/2019

“My siblings and I all went through this office. For every child, there was no complaint. Dr. Chun and the accompanying experts of her team, takes good care of every client that comes in. I, myself had never doubted the abilities of this office. I was in good hands!”

Russell Agustin, Teenager, 05/2019

“Dr. Chun and her staff has made this process very painless. The staff is extremely friendly and communicates very well with patients, which is super important for a teenage boy! We appreciate their thorough care!”

Sandra Rodarte, Parent, 04/2019

“5 years ago, I did research couple of orthodontists and finally decided to go with Dr. Chun. It turned out to be a great decision. My daughter just got her braces off and it’s so amazing when I saw her smiling. Dr. Chun and her team are always friendly and professional. Dr. Chun always makes sure we understand what’s going on and explains each step of the treatment. My daughter followed her instructions and was a good patient. We highly recommend Dr. Chun to anyone who need orthodontic work! She is the best orthodontist I know.”

Vong Li, Parent, 02/2019

“Angel and I were truly blessed to be guided to Dr. Chun and staff. Not only am I amazed and grateful for Dr. Chun to know exactly what Angel needed, but everyone here has made it a pleasant and comfortable experience. You all are the best. I will refer you to everyone. Thank you and blessings to all!”

Alana Olivier, Parent, 02/2019

“Dr. Chun and her staff are amazing, outstanding, and very efficient. They’re very thorough and follow-up very closely. Thank you for being very accommodating with the appointments and care! My entire family was treated by Dr. Chun (including me – mom) and we are very happy and satisfied with the care. Love them!”

Vilma Wong, Parent, 02/2019

“I had a very good experience. This dental office has the best customer service and provide flexible pay options. Dr. Chun and her staff are extremely friendly and always explain details patiently. Thank you!”

Mamatha P., Adult, 10/2018

“We have three daughters and they all needed braces right around their junior high years. Dr. Chun and the entire staff was recommended to us and we asked around – friends and even friends of friends, about this practice. They all made the same recommendation and we are very happy we listened. This has been and continue to be one of the most pleasant and even enjoyable experience for us. The best in it’s class, hands down!”

Alin Mutu, Parent, 09/2018

“We have been very blessed by the skillful, informative, and gentle care under Dr. Dianne Chun and her team! Dr. Chun created a warm and friendly atmosphere in the practice, and you can tell the staff genuinely enjoys working together there. Though the prospect of 2 years of pain & braces is not something one tend to look forward to, but Dr. Chun and team made it a positive & supportive journey all along the way.”

Parent of a Teenager Patient, 09/2018

“My experience at this office was great. Everyone that works here is very skilled at what they do, as well as friendly and welcoming.”

Brandon Andres, Adult, 08/2018

“Dr. Chun and staff were awesome! I am very pleased with the outcome of my new smile. The staff was warm and welcoming.”

Katrina Ison, Adult, 07/2018

“Dr. Dianne Chun and all of her staff were wonderful throughout my treatment. I’d recommend this office to anyone.”

Olga Rosiles, Adult, 05/2018

“We truly appreciate Dr. Chun and her staff. They are patient and go above and beyond with their advice and services. Three of our kids have seen her and appreciate her very much.”

Dela Cruz Family, 05/2018

“Dr. Chun and her staff were amazing! They made the whole process easy, smooth and painless! They are a great fun team. Thanks to Dr. Chun and team, my teeth are better than I expected. I love my teeth!”

Brittany Ng, Adult, 03/2018

“Both of my children see Dr. Chun and her awesome staff. They are all responsive, knowledgeable, and always communicate well with the kids on how they should care for their braces and teeth. I have to also include how incredible Dr. Chun is. My daughter had a unique situation whereby her canine teeth were growing horizontally. Dr. Chun did research and consulted with other professionals and experts to come up with a plan that saved her canines. I like her decisiveness, and her thorough explanation of the plan and what to expect. She is a true professional and an expert in her field. My daughter is now in her braces and we are already seeing results from Dr. Chun’s work. My son had his braces removed today and he has a beautiful smile. I highly recommend Dr. Chun’s office and everyone on her team!”

Camelia Lim, Parent, 2017

“After 3 years of braces I have to say all of this hard work was worth it. No pain, no gain. Thank you so much for making my smile look 100 times better.”

Max Souza, Teenager, 12/2017

“Dr. Chun and staff are awesome! Having two children with very different orthodontic needs, Dr. Chun has created plans for both that have been effective–and both will be done with treatment on time as per plan. All staff here work efficiently and are so friendly. They have made this experience painless for all of us! (:”

Sandra Vargas, Parent, 11/2017

“Love the staff at Dr. Chun’s! Thank you for everything and thank you Dr. Chun for taking care of Alexis’ smile.”

Alicia Navarro-Peña, Parent, 9/2017

“Dr. Chun’s attributes: professional, honest and accurate about treatment & expectations, personable, informative. Staff: professional, friendly, and capable. This office works beautifully as a unit with everyone doing their part perfectly. Highly recommend Dr. Chun for all orthodontic needs.”

Raaz’s Mom, 8/2017

“Dr. Chun and staff has been absolutely wonderful. My daughters’ teeth are beautiful. I would recommend Dr. Chun to anybody that would like an honest, caring orthodontic doctor. Thank you!”

April Carpenter, Parent, 7/2017

“I’ve been a patient for many years and the process was enjoyable, and filled with lots of hard work. I am very pleased with my teeth and how they look. The staff was very friendly and Dr. Chun is an amazing orthodontist. Thank you!”

Christy Fong, Teenager, 7/2017

“Getting braces as an adult was a bit intimidating, however Dr. Chun and her staff made me feel very welcome and made the experience great. My treatment flew by, and I am glad I made the decision to come into Dr. Chun’s office.”

Olga Rosiles, Adult, 6/2017

“Dr. Chun was always on top of the treatment, always thinking of the next step even if problems happened. Very satisfactory experience here!”

Teenager, 6/2017

“I’m really happy about my teeth! Dr. Dianne Chun and her staff made the whole process as easy and painless as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Nethen Mou, Teenager, 6/2017

“The staff was extremely nice and friendly. They were more than happy to answer all my questions. I highly recommend them.”

Nikit, Teenager, 4/2017

“Usually a visit to the dentist or orthodontist can be unpleasant but we love the friendliness of the staff here and how Dr. Chun always takes the time to explain everything directly to the patient (a 9 year old) whenever a new procedure will be done. Thank you!”

Noah’s Mom, 2/2017

“I had a great experience! The staff were friendly and kind, and I liked the results.”

Teenager, 1/2017

“Dr. Chun was recommended by our dentist. We also saw the orthodontist’s work on a number of other children– families we know — throughout the Fremont school district. The doctor and office staff are professional and friendly. Our daughter required a two-stage process. We are pleased with the result. She has a lovely smile now.”

Elizabeth Sagrillo, Parent, 1/2017

“Our family has been proud patients of Dr. Chun and her team. Even when the patients differ greatly in treatment plan, style, and follow-up, their team customized the care to ensure successful patient results! Dedicated, personalized patient, doctor, and team relationships made this rite of teenage years pass smoothly. (: We would highly recommend consideration of utilizing this office for your family’s orthodontic care and needs. We’re really glad we did.”

Lily Mei, Parent & Mayor of Fremont, 12/2016

“I was recommended to Dr. Chun by my dentist, and I have to say it was the best experience I have had.  Everyone in the office is very friendly and will help in any given situation. Dr. Chun and her staff are amazing! They have a very warm, welcoming environment, and now I also have perfect teeth thanks to all of them! Thanks so much everyone!”

Ruksar Nisha, Patient, 12/2016

“I was very afraid of this process and didn’t know what to expect for my daughter because I never had braces. As soon as we entered Dr. Chun’s office, we were welcomed with smiles, and all our questions were answered. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, and Dr. Chun is thorough; she answered our questions and addressed all our concerns. All appointments were on time and prompt!”

Naheed Sheikh, Parent, 11/2016

“Dr. Chun and her team are the best! I have always felt comfortable when I have come in for my appointments–and my teeth look great! Being an adult with braces (for the second time), the team had to take extra consideration for my teeth. After recently having taken my braces off, I am so happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Chun and team!”

Jessica Ng, Patient, 11/2016

“The entire treatment process was smooth. Dr. Dianne Chun is very professional and knowledgeable. She gave us the entire picture right at the start, so there were no unpleasant surprises. Her staff is very courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Chun.”

Geeta Singh, Parent, 11/2016

“Thank you very much Dr. Chun and staff for an excellent job to my son Navy. All procedures and payments were well explained. Goals were met according to what was discussed to us prior treatment. We are very happy with the service of your office and will definitely bring my other kids to you if they need orthodontic services.”

Dyna Agbanlog, Parent, 8/2016

“I have been a patient for two years and have enjoyed coming visit after visit. The staff are very professional and friendly. Location and parking are easily accessible.”

William Neo, Teenager, 7/2016

“Very knowledgeable and dedicated to giving you the best results. Always looking forward and finding solutions to any problems that could come up.  Dr. Chun has been a great choice.”

Greg Landowski, Teenager, 7/2016

“It was a great experience working with Dr. Chun.”

Claire Zhang, Teenager, 6/2016

“Our family is very pleased to have Dr. Chun take care of both of our children’s orthodontics. Great experience overall with a very competent and friendly staff.”

K. Jayaprakash, Parent, 5/2016

“I would like to thank Dr. Chun for giving Rebecca, Jessica, and myself the best smile in the world! Dr. Chun and staff are very caring, professional and accommodating. We couldn’t be more pleased with our entire orthodontic experience. I give this office my highest recommendation! Thank you!”

Oti Velazquez, Parent, 5/2016

“Friendly staff, great service, would highly recommend Dr. Dianne Chun for anyone looking for an orthodontist.”

John Lee, Adult, 5/2016

“I loved my experience here! Dr. Chun is super nice and she really knows what she’s doing, so I never worried about anything. All the rest of the staff are really great too.”

Teenager, 5/2016

“All the staffs are very lovely and I am so glad that I got my braces here! Thank you so much!”

Jidapha Kulpasthanat, Teenager, 5/2016

“I had a very complicated orthodontic situation with an asymmetrical jaw along with crowding among other things. Dr. Chun and her staff were always accommodating to my needs and questions, and provided expert and detailed care. Everyone was always very kind and capable. I’m thankful for the great results after almost 5 years in the making!”

Denise Kuo, Teenager, 5/2016

“I truly am happy with my new smile. Not only was the result great but Dr. Chun and the whole staff were fantastic. It was certainly worth the wait. Thank you!”

Francesca Garcia, Teenager, 12/2015

“Dr. Chun and the staff did a great job on fixing Francesca’s teeth. From the beginning thru all their recommendation on who to go to, like an oral surgeon and the one who did her wisdom teeth removal. I thank you all for everything. As a return, I will recommend your clinic to my friends. I know, their teeth are in good hands.”

Victoria Garcia, Parent, 12/2015

“Overall, the staff was extremely kind and enjoyable at every visit. The change in my teeth is something I’m very excited about!”

Nick Hess, Teenager, 2/2015

“The staff was always really nice and engaging.”

Abhinav Adduri, Teenager, 1/2015

“Dr. Chun is amazing! I have had many problems concerning my teeth and she always know the right way on how to fix it. Dr. Chun and all the staff here greets me warmly with a beautiful smile. Now I can say that I love my smile as well. Thanks to everyone here. You are the best!”

Kenneth Cacacho, Teenager, 1/2015

“I’ve been at Dr. Chun’s office for over five years now and every moment has been pleasant and enjoyable. Not only did I get the smile of my teenage girl dreams, but I also got to meet the lovely staff who made the entire braces process go by smoothly!”

Teenager, 1/2015

“Dr. Chun’s office was such a great experience. Everybody was friendly and professional. 10 out of 10.”

Teenager, 01/2015

“I love this place and I love how my teeth looks nice now… all thanks to them!”

Angelina Reyes, Teenager, 10/2014

“I was hesitant to have braces on because I’m not “young or teenager” anymore. But because I wanted my shifted front teeth fixed, I had to do it. It turned out the result is more than what I expected. My teeth looks and feels perfect!!! Thank you Dr. Chun and Staff for your help, patience (time flexibility) and advise. It’s been 2 & 1/2 years of journey but it’s really worth it. Thank you so much!!!”

Marites Smith, Adult, 10/2014

“It’s been a great experience working together with Dr. Chun and her staff. At first having braces takes a lot of work with all the limits and boundaries of what you can eat. It takes time to adjust or get use to having braces for a couple of weeks until it starts to get comfortable. By working together with the staff, having braces is no problem. If the patient does their part and the staff does their work, then the patient’s teeth will have a perfect smile. By following the instructions given by your orthodontist, your results will come out great. I recommend joining this orthodontics team and you’ll have a marvelous result.”

Alex Loi, Teenager, 6/2014

“My experience here at this office was friendly. I was satisfied with the way they treated me as a patient. It wasn’t like on TV how kids hated coming to the orthodontics, I actually looked forward to coming and the staff here made me feel comfortable and made the experience way more fun. I recommend this office and I am going to miss them.”

Jessica Crespo, Teenager, 7/2014

“The staff are extremely friendly and thorough with explanations regarding the specific patient’s situation. My experience over the 2 year duration was smooth and no problems occurred.”

Teenager, 5/2014

“I really enjoyed my time at Dr. Chun’s office. They were always very caring about my health and always ensured I took responsibility for my treatment. Thank you for having such a wonderful impact and giving me a beautiful smile.”

Katherine Mei, Teenager, 4/2014

“Thank you very much for being a great orthodontist the past 4-5 years! You have made the process easy and simple. I will continue to wear my retainers. Everyone is very nice here and the staff has made my experience with braces simple. Thank you!”

Teenager, 4/2014

“My experience here was really nice. Everyone is friendly and cheerful which is especially comforting. Everyone really demonstrates professional skill and technique. I’ve always felt confident with their work, and I’m thankful to have gone here for my braces. Overall, this place is great! :-)”

Karen Trinh, Teenager, 4/2014

“Wonderful job and great staff! I appreciate all the work they’ve done for me.”

Elsa Miu, Adult, 4/2014

“My experience with Dr. Chun and her staff has been great. They are extremely nice and helpful. I am always greeted with smiles and the office has a very pleasant atmosphere. I would definitely recommend her to others!”

Eliza Zhu, Teenager, 1/2014

“Dr. Chun and her staff have provided great orthodontic care for my daughter and I. Most importantly, they made us feel comfortable during the process. I will definitely recommend Dr. Chun to others who are seeking a professional orthodontist. Thanks Dr. Chun and staff!”

Anna Cruz, Adult, 1/2014

“The staff and Dr. Dianne Chun are very friendly and accommodating. I’ve gone to them to have my daughter’s braces put on and liked the results so much, I went to them for my braces as well. They do a great job!”

Adult Patient, 1/2014

“Very friendly & gentle staff! They will leave your teeth looking perfect! My teeth look way better than what I expected.”

Manuel Sanchez, Teenager, 11/2013

“Dr. Chun and her staff showed wonderful hospitality at every appointment and were always gentle with my teeth. Perfect orthodontist for anyone.”

Shawn Jenkins, Teenager, 11/2013

“All of the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. None of my questions went unanswered and I never had any doubts regarding the quality of my treatment. In addition, the staff always made sure that I experience as little discomfort as possible. “

Madison Mendez, Teenager, 12/2013

“Dr. Chun and her staff are wonderful! Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have. She takes time out to explain anything. All her staff members are very caring and professional. Dr. Chun and staff are very welcoming and always have a smile on their face! You will be in good hands!”

Allison Tran, Adult, 12/2013

“My experience with Dr. Chun was absolutely incredible. They made me feel so comfortable and so welcomed. Each and every person was patient and careful with me. They knew exactly what to do and did not waste my parent’s time by how quick they were during my appointments. I’m extremely grateful for Dr. Chun and her staff, because of them I have teeth that look amazing.”

Wardah Shere, Teenager, 9/2012

“Everyone who is working here, is very friendly. Whenever I come, they always happily greet me and ask me how my day was. I enjoy talking with them whenever I come.”

Angela, Teenager, 8/2012

“Thank you Dr. Chun and Team! You are awesome, and your whole team is so caring, professional and competent. You have all made this experience “a piece of cake”, so I thought you deserved to have one! Thanks again! I’m going to enjoy my straight teeth.”

Joyce Harris, Adult, 7/2012

“I write this as I have just had my braces removed. The journey has been challenging but I couldn’t have been in better hands. Dr. Chun approaches each patient with positivity and a professional intent to provide superb, meticulous care. She has goals in mind for the final product of her work and is a joy to work with. The staff is friendly, caring, skilled and interested in you as a person as much as a patient. I am very satisfied with my outcome and all care received.”

Carol Elwood, Adult, 3/2012

“My son has been seeing Dr. Chun over the past year and just had his braces removed. She has done such a beautiful job and he now has a wonderful smile. If you compare his teeth before to now, it is so amazing! She has such a great rapport and makes her patient and parents relaxed and informed. My son is so happy with his results. It was so worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Chun.”

Linda Martinez, Ryan Martinez’s mom, Teenager, 8/2012

“I have been a patient at this office for a little over a decade now. During my time here, I can honestly say I truly appreciate the hospitable service and professionalism of the staff. Even though the idea of having orthodontic work done may be unappealing, I highly recommend the office of Dr. Chun and the more than competent staff.”

Ian Wu, Adult, 5/2012

“I started my braces in January 2009. I was referred by my dentist. I’ve heard good things about Dr. Chun’s office from my trusted dentist of many years. All I can say is, I made the best decision. The staff of Dr. Dianne Chun has been very thorough, detailed, and fabulous to work with. They are the most friendliest, warmest, and passionate people. They help me get through my fear and discomfort which was only at the beginning. I’d like to say I will continue to recommend them to all my family & friends. You guys rock! Thank you Dr. Chun & staff for all the awesome service and a job well done!!!  Zussette, Winnie, Joti, Toni and Rachel… Wish you guys all the best and more power.”

Joan Abrantes, Adult, 4/2012

“Dr. Dianne Chun and her staff was great during my 3 years of treatment! My treatment did not only included braces but a maxillofacial surgery along with the guidance and experience from Dr. Chun. I definitely recommend her practice in orthodontics to everyone. Now I can happily enjoy a beautiful smile!”

Edda Rivera, Adult, 3/2012

“My experience here with Dr. Chun was very nice.  In the beginning, I was very nervous to get my braces on, but they made me feel really relaxed and calm. I felt very at home here. Everyone is very nice and patient.”

Past Patient, Teenager, 3/2012

“What a great experience this has been. I’ve always had bottom teeth that looked like a picket fence in need  of repair. When my daughter came in to have her teeth straightened, I asked Dr. Chun if there was any hope for me. After a consultation I decided to finally get things straightened out. I was in my late 50’s when I started and now I’m 62. It took about 24 months and what a great improvement. If you have ever thought about what a difference a great smile can make, it’s never too late! By the way, the staff at Dr. Chun’s office is the best! Things don’t happen overnight but the team at Dr. Chun’s works with you every step of the way. Thanks Dr. Chun!”

Walter Wodka, Adult, 3/2012

“I really enjoyed being here because Dr. Chun and all of the people were really nice. They made having braces not so bad. Everyone was very friendly! I just felt so comfortable whenever I came in.”

SC, 3/2012

“The last two years that I have been here have been eventful. When I first came my teeth weren’t all that great, but then Dr. Chun and the staff had come together to give me the confidence I needed by fixing my teeth. They gave me braces and retainers that helped align my teeth together. The staff always made sure I was okay if my teeth hurt. They are caring, kind, and awesome. Because of them I can’t stop smiling, showing my great and improved pearly whites. It’s a great feeling to be told by others that I have perfect teeth. It’s all thanks to Dr. Chun and the staff.”

Natasha Kiri, Teenager, 3/2012

“Dr. Dianne Chun’s office is a very comfortable office. I love her staff – they are all so sweet and always make sure you’re completely comfortable in their office. I can honestly say my teeth were terrible when I first came here, but now I love showing off my teeth. I love the work I’ve gotten from here. I don’t regret coming here what so ever. Dr. Chun always lets you know the right information you need to have so you can get the perfect teeth you always wanted. I would highly recommend this orthodontist.”

Alicia Dela Cruz, Teenager, 3/2012

“Dr. Chun’s office was a great experience. I had my braces off in no time! They were very gentle and knowledgeable about their work. The employees/staff are very nice! I loved my experience with Dr. Chun.”

Corrina Anselmo, Teenager, 3/2012

“My daughter came to Dr. Chun’s office two years ago with crooked, protruding teeth. When she ate vegetables, she would have food stuck in her teeth. Her lips couldn’t close properly, and her profile looked strange. She just got her braces off and her face has been transformed, and her teeth look like dentures, so perfect. Dr. Chun and the staff are meticulous and professional. Friendly family atmosphere.”

Past patient, 4/2012

“Thank you for the efforts that Dr. Chun and her staff put into my teeth for the past 2 years. Without their efforts, I wouldn’t be able to smile as comfortable as now. They gave me a great smile and confidence. This procedure is a life-changing experience. Thanks again, Dr. Chun!”

Wilson Lau, Teenager, 5/2011

“The staff is very friendly and encouraging. I had a wonderful experience here.”

Kristen Buehler, Teenager, 5/2011